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Breeder of


Burmese -

Cats with




Please take a stroll through my pages,
It won’t take you ages,
With photo's galore
Of cats to adore,
From puss’s on rocks,
To thieves that take socks,
We have puss’s on couches,
But these cats are no slouches,
From very round tums,

There are babies to come,



A rainbow of colours,
They are very fine fellas,
So there’s kittens for sale,
And pet owners' tales,
We hope you agree,
It’s a fine site to see,
So if there’s something you like,
Then please contact me!

We are located in North Coromandel, New Zealand with lovely purpose-built cattery facilities.  I am Dawn Whitehouse a NZCF registered breeder and I have been breeding these beautiful cats for 17 years.  I prefer to sell locally but would consider occasionally shipping if circumstances allowed. 
More details at About Zuriel

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