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23/04/16 From Pippa:

Romeo is everything we could have wanted.He's lots of fun, and very bold.Nothing seems to bother him. He loves the animals and is very social.
His treat is cooked snapper from the neighbours after they have been out on the barge for a fish..outside one of my holiday lett cottages he has taken to racing up the cabbage tree and bouncing on the shade sail,using it as a trampoline and then getting on the roof. I was a bit worried at first, but he loves it. He likes to do it quite often. The other cool thing about him, is he took to a small pink stuffed toy pig, and when I throw it for him, he scoots off, fetches it and brings it to me, he will do this 5 or 6 times.Hes a cat/dog I'm convinced!!.

29/5/2016 Janine Collins said:

"We picked up our babies from Dawn a mere 3 weeks ago.  Molly (seal) and Marley (lilac) came really well socialised and fitted into our busy household with ease (family of five). They are adventurous, affectionate, cheeky, intelligent  and a joy to have as part of our family!  Fully toilet trained, we have not had any slip ups!  Dawn has been lovely to deal with.  Providing photos as they grew, and since 'hand over' we've had regular contact with support and advice.  I have no hesitation in recommending Dawn and Zuriel Breeding Cattery to anyone - you will fall in love with these beautiful burmese…"

22/05/16 Aimee commented:


Our cat Gizmo is such a friendly character, he has a very cheeky personality and always makes us laugh, he is incredibly affectionate and smoochy and we have found more recently very good with little kids.

Whenever we take Gizmo to the vet or a cattery they always comment on how shiny the quality of his coat is.

We are very happy with our Burmese and would recommend anyone after a Burmese to look you up.


19/7/2016 Susan & Richard:


We chose these gorgeous sisters nearly 3 years ago. Minka & Bru. Very different in their personalities and everyone loves them to bits. I can't imagine my life without our darling girls. Minka is small and feisty, the party girl and happy, happy, happy. Bru's much bigger and quieter but demanding affection in her own way. Both fetch and hoon around the house and garden. Both also very popular in the cattery we leave them in when away. Beautiful natures, nothing upsets them. They love everyone and all our neighbours are used to finding them tucked up in their beds and part of any social occasion. Just the best ever! 

27/02/2020 Cathryn Said:

I realise my baby Zara will be 1 year old March 24th. I just wanted to tell you she's been the biggest joy I've had from a cat in a long time. She is a petite little thing but fearless, friendly, playful and loveable. I am so glad I adopted her. There is no doubt she's been well socialised unlike my boy's who came before. She used to fetch like one of your other customers claimed in your testimonials. But now she is on to bigger things! I love her dearly. Thanks Zuriel 



Helen Littlewood said: Just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how delighted we are to Have Sid Delicious and Florence keeping us company. Otis the beagle also loves them, and they often hang out and play in the garden together. In my new home office, I watch them cruise and play in the garden all day. Great mates.

Thanks from Helen


On 26/11/11 John & Jane said:

"The girls continue to do well. They have grown into quite substantial cats. It makes us wonder whether our last ones were ever very healthy. There is no end to their funny little antics; full of mischief, of course. Such wonderful characters, they have surpassed our expectations."


        Kina & Pipi

On 01/05/10 Jaimee said:

"She is awesome and I can go on about her forever... just ask my friends! Ooh, did I mention she plays fetch as well.... pretty clever!"

Tiny Tim at 10 weeks old

Tiny Tim at 3 years

25/04/15 Melissa Said:

Tiny Tim's picture popped up on Trade Me. A special unique little guy, Dawn took him under her wing and made sure he got the very best start in life. He has the most adoring lovable nature. Came fully house trained, has only given out cuddles and never bitten. I am sure the love and care he received in his first 3 months helped mold his personality. Timmy is loved by everyone. 

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