What to expect when you purchase a Zuriel kitten.


Here at Zuriel, house rearing is a key part in raising happy, relaxed kittens. The spacious outside areas are situated close to the house and are used mainly for litter tray training, with access to fresh air and exposure to all the
everyday activities & comings and goings associated with country living.

Our kittens will be 10 weeks old when they come to you, they will be registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy, wormed, with their first vaccination, litter tray trained, a four generation pedigree and fully socialised etc. De-sexing will be undertaken by the new owner. A starter pack of food will also be provided. To contact me please either fill in this simple form or alternately phone me on these numbers and I will happily have a chat with you.


I also offer an after sales help service if you have any concerns or queries about your kitten. I will work along side you to find a solution or to offer advice.


All of our kittens are priced at NZ$700.00 each. 


                            Update 2/11/2021

I am just wanting to let you all know that there is still huge demand in interest and enquiries, so I can no longer take any bookings until at least 2022. The demand has been extraordinary and the girls can only do so much. I wish I could supply everyone but the reality is that I just can't. I am sorry but I need to clear the bookings I already have and once I feel that is done then I will be able to open it up again for new people to contact me. Who knows, it may be quicker to clear the list than I think. Some people may get their kittens from other breeders, changes in circumstances etc. So while I am not currently taking bookings, I am available for general chats should you decide to contact me. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience, I know we all want our babies now, but everyone is experiencing the same high demand sadly. 

                                  OTHER NEWS

 All my kittens starting from 2022 will be priced at $800.00.

                       Kindest Regards, Dawn

Red Silver

Seal Silver

Blue Tortoiseshell Female

2 litters mixed colours