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Zuriel Burmese is nestled in a quiet, secluded valley surrounded by farmland and bush in Waikawau Bay at the northern top of the Coromandel Peninsula.

I am Dawn Whitehouse a NZCF registered breeder and I have been breeding these beautiful cats for 17 years now after meeting the incorrigible Timimoun Abba Ted, an ex breeding stud from Timimoun Burmese Cats. Taking Ted in
has led me on a very fulfilling journey out of which Zuriel Burmese was born.

With much help and guidance from Sally Morrison of Timimoun Burmese and my supportive husband Terry, builder of all the cat enclosures, the cattery has slowly developed into a comprehensive group of purpose built enclosures.

My foundation Queens were sought from Jill Dugan’s Shamonita Burmese and Sally’s studs from Hijinks fathered my early kittens. I also breed the gorgeous silvers with lines that came directly from Cineole through Timimoun. Tortoiseshell also feature along with the occasional smoke. I now have 5 breeding Queens, 1 handsome blue stud cat, and 1 retired girl as a pet. 
Vinney has his own purpose built ‘Man Cave’ which is a large area with trees, tunnels, and a full length of the cattery high walk so he can visit his girls and interact with what is going on at all times. 


Being rural, my girls get quality daily outside time to explore, run, play, climb trees and do the things that keep cats happy, whilst remaining in a safe environment.

Protecting our local environment is also a prime concern for us and we have found we now have daily visits to our garden from Tui, Bellbird, Kereru, Kingfisher & Fantail to name a few, while the nights are patrolled by Ruru calling from the trees and Pateke who wander freely through.

Other Issues


Now about inheritable diseases, i.e. hypokalemia, a potassium deficiency which is on the increase in some parts of the world and is passed on via both parents who carry the gene. The Cat Fancies ruling is that all imported breeding cats must be tested for this disease before they can be brought into New Zealand. Any imported lines in my cats are from several generations ago and before this disease became apparent. Through selective testing and breeding I can confidently say that my Breeding Queens and Sire do not carry this disease. I do though encourage all new pet owners to contact me should they have any concerns over their new babies, and allow me to talk to their vet about their kittens health and I will assist them with providing any history I may have about the parents etc. And also just in case we have missed anything. This information also helps us in our on going breeding programme.

Every care is taken to supply healthy kittens which is our primary goal.

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